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National Celtic Festival Piping Competition

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National Celtic Festival Piping Competition

in conjunction with Victorian Pipers Association.

This competition features an extraordinary line up of pipers who are the at the top of their piping game. This will be an absolute must see for festivalgoers.

Four outstanding pipers have been selected to compete for the title of National Celtic Festival Piping Champion; Kyle Warren, Katherine Belcher, Joshua Chandler and William Sincock.

Each piper has prepared a 17mins of music, including; Marches, Strathspeys, Reels, Jigs, Waltzes, Hornpipes, and Airs. In recognition of the great Scottish Piper and composer Gordon Duncan, they must also include one of his compositions. Five judges from the Victorian Pipers Association will judge the performances on musicality, technically proficiency and overall performance.

Fingers will be flying, feet stomping and music flowing. The sound generated from these high-class pipers will be memorable!

Kyle Warren is a former World Champion with Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band, a Red Hot Chilli Piper, and the 2015 NCF Piping Competition winner. This is but a fraction of the accolades for this great, Scottish born piper.

Katherine Belcher has recently returned from a sabbatical year in Scotland playing with Inveraray and District. She was 2014 Victorian Champion and currently is the 2016 RU Brown A Grade Champion. An classy Piper accomplished in composing, arranging. and playing.

Will Sincock began piping in 2010 and has had a rapid rise up through the piping ranks. He is the 2015 Victorian Piping Association Piper of the year. An exciting young piper that delivers a high-class performance whenever he plays.

Josh Chandler is the youngest of our invited pipers, is an exciting new talent in Australian Piping and is currently the 2016 RU Brown Champion B Grade. Already outstanding, he is at the beginning of what is surely going to be an exciting piping musical journey.


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Drumworx is a group of pipe band drummers of the highest order! Their members have competed at the highest level on the world’s stages and they come together to perform routines that will amaze! The skills displayed will blow your minds with the speed and accuracy of drumming’s hardest rudiments. Drumworx has been a crowd favourite at all the venues they have played. This drum salute will be a highlight of the festival! Watch out for them around the venue, or on stage or even playing a guest spot with other festival acts!