Geelong RSL Pipes & Drums

Geelong RSL Pipes and Drums was formed in July 2002 and is Geelong's only competing pipe band. Geelong RSL Pipes and Drums first entered the competition arena at Ballarat in February 2003.

You will recognize the band in their Red Robertson Tartan - then will join us on Saturday.

Band members will pop up throughout the week-end for small band performances.

Victorian Piping Assoication

Pipers from the Victorian Pipers Association will delve into four seminal works, performing a sample of the most moving pieces you’ll hear.

The Golden Age of Piping

Piobaireachd - Gaelic for piping and sometimes called the ‘Classical Music’ of the Great Highland Bagpipe. 

This program explores Piobaireachd composed by the legendary MacCrimmon family of Skye. Spanning 300 years they were the hereditary pipers to the MacLeods of Dunvegan, composing some of the most beautiful and emotive music for bagpipes ever conceived, giving rise to a Golden Age of Piping. Their tradition developed the instrument like never before and lifted it to portray haunting themes and complex variations as they sought a vehicle for the expression of their tribulations and joys, sorrow and anguish.

National Celtic Festival Piping Challenge

Recognising the influence of legendary Scottish piper Gordon Duncan, we’ve invited 4 of Australia’s premier solo pipers to compete in a 15 minute piping challenge playing tunes written by Gordon, to win the 2018 National Celtic Festival Piping Challenge. Fingers flying, music flowing, this is Australia’s piping at its best

Celtic Piping Club

Celtic Piping Club

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