Niki na Meadhra

Niki na Meadhra embodies the storyteller, in a warm, captivating and sometimes electrifying style. On her recent tour of Ireland, which included several storytelling festivals and shows in Cork and Dublin, the local seanchais claimed her as one of their own. She invites you to be transported to ancient Ireland and the lands of the Other People, to immerse yourself in tales of heroes, crones, tricksters and maidens. Expect hyperbole, extravagance and wonderment!


Eric Purdie

Delivered in a 'stand-up' Glasgow style, Eric Purdie's comedy presentation features humorous stories and anecdotes about life in Glasgow and the humour of the streets. His outrageous gags and unaccompanied songs provide a window into a culture few of us have seen. Eric's stories tell of an Industrial Scotland and the Socialist Struggle in which he grew up. Eric describes life in the shipyards and on the building sites where he encountered many characters and witnessed many improbable but true sets of circumstances.

Barry James Gilson

Barry James Gilson is a Wathaurung man.

A singer, poet and storyteller. Barry specialises in bringing back the ancient words and language of his people the “ Wathaurung “.

Barry has been a lead singer in the Tanderrum ( Melbourne festival ) for the last five years ongoing .Also involved in mountain to mouth as a singer /poet 2017,2018. Working strongly towards reinstating a lost culture that has survived genocide and colonisation .Great odds he has overcome to work towards leaving a legacy of hope and survival for future generations to follow .The past  he believes is the greatest strength he has, because without it... there is no future ."