Eileen O’Brien (IE)

Eileen comes from a family background that is steeped in the Irish tradition. Her father Paddy was instrumental in establishing the B/C style of button accordion playing as we know it today. Paddy was also one of the most prolific composers of traditional music. Her mother’s family, the “Seery” family, Dublin, were also well-known musicians. Eileen is an All-Ireland champion in both senior fiddle and senior fiddle slow airs. She is also a composer and some of her compositions have been recorded by well-known artists including John Carty and Josephine Marsh. Eileen also has an interest in liturgical music and has composed music for two masses. Eileen has been teaching music for all of her adult life and has performed and given masterclasses and lectures at various seminars and music events in many countries including U.S.A, Europe, China, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. She is a highly respected teacher and has influenced many aspiring fiddle players.