The Lumber Jills (CaN)


On Canada’s East Coast there is a time honoured tradition of fiddling and step-dancing and young people still preserve the music of their ancestors. On the long cold winter nights, the communities of old, gathered for music named for the lumbering, fishing and maple syrup traditions. Candles burned bright in the barn rafters as step dancers and square dancers celebrated another year of pioneer survival. A ‘lumberjack’ is a word long used to describe the men who conquered the vast Canadian forests and often would fiddle into the wee dawn. Now we introduce you to The Lumber Jills. All National, youth championship, female fiddlers and dancers; Amélie, Martha, Machaela and Janelle are from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and have promoted their culture across Canada, Ireland, Belgium, France and even Scotland's Isle of Lewis. All under the age of 20 years and with multiple awards for their heritage music and dancing; their Acadian, Scottish and Irish ancestry burns in their fiery traditional tunes from one of Canada’s smallest provinces.