Reaching into the mists of time and merging with the music of today, Liminality Celtic Trio present CELTIC REFLECTIONS – ‘Through The Ages.’ Cath Connelly-Celtic Harp, Greg Hunt-Violin, Mandolin and Jules Vines-Keyboard and Vocals.

Proudly partnering with Victorian Irish Dance Academy and The Glenbrae Celtic Dancers to present tales of our Irish, Scottish and Welsh musical heritage.  The show in two parts features classical-style instrumental arrangements, beautiful traditional songs and tempestuous tunes with pulsating dance rhythms. An enchanting combination.

Bhan Tre

Bhan Tre has been performing throughout Australia and Overseas since 1997. The original line up has reformed with new songs and tunes for their many fans and will be performing an many of Victoria's premier festivals in 2019. The bands repetoire ranges from poignant traditional Celtic airs, original songs and bouncing tunes which have audiences on their feet and joining in the fun.

Bhan Tre's vocal prowess is most evident in their spine-tingling three part harmonies.


Mollimor is a high energy Celtic/Irish band, with a wide repertoire ranging through traditional songs & tunes from all parts of the Celtic world, to covers of more contemporary artists. Mollimor also play many original traditional style tunes and some songs, with all four instrumental players contributing material. Slower beautiful melodies creating calm before the next high-octane tune transports us back into dance mode.

The Dixie Chooks

The Chooks just love to play! They sing like birds (doh!) and are partial to a giggle and not above joining in with a bit of a sniffle when it gets a little emotional. They're decisive and know exactly which instrument they fancy playing for which song, but try to pin them down to one style, or ask them their favourite song and they’ll make like very flummoxed chooks. They love blues, jazz, writing, folk, and dip their lids to some very fine old standards, but best of all - they love sharing it all with you. Join them! 

Bruce Watson

Not just another singer songwriter! Bruce is an icon of the Australian folk music scene and a major songwriter and performer. He has won a swag of awards and had songs covered by many other performers. His songs are joyful, thought provoking, totally engaging – reflecting life, ordinary people, and social justice, often with a twist and a quirky sense of humour. There’s a little bit of the child in all of us, and when Bruce’s inner child comes out to play, the fun is on for young and old! Bruce entertains with all-original songs, with topics ranging from toddlers-with-attitude, beanies, pirates, pet elephants, vampires, hippopotamuseseseses, food and fun. Children delight in Bruce Watson’s songs and antics, with plenty of action on stage and audience involvement. 

Kathryn Clements

Kathryn Clements shares her knowledge of traditional Irish song this year hosting singers a session as well as a workshop.

Kathryn has a depth of experience teaching Traditional Irish singing in workshops at Port Fairy Folk Festival; National Folk Festival and National Celtic Folk Festival and she is a past Recipient of the Lis Johnson Memorial Award at the National Folk Festival.