Unsung Heroes of Australian History

Take three multi-talented musicians, powerful stories of ordinary Australians who have done extraordinary things, original songs, evocative images and the gratuitous distribution of Anzac biscuits, Turkish delights, lush musical arrangements, mudcake rich harmonies- and you have Unsung Heroes of Australian History. Bruce Watson, Moira Tyers and Wendy Ealey take you on a powerful journey through Australia's history - celebrating in story, song and images. A not to be missed festival event!

Trail of Tales

Now there’s a tongue twister for you and if you are clever enough to repeat that 6 times, you will surely and easily be able to follow the exciting journey waiting for you among the hills and hummocks of the Portarlington Celtic Festival Fairyland.

There are all sorts of fairies, goblin and leprechaun stories awaiting all of you during this fascinating journey and maybe even some of the little people themselves!

There are tales of monsters, magic harps, fairies, enchanted woods and many,many wee people and stories of magic that must be heard to be believed.

The stories will capture your imagination and take to legendary lands and places where you can relive wonderful tales of yore and make believe.

It will be just a short, but worthwhile journey with fascinating places to stop and listen to the ‘Shanachie’ or Storytellers telling tales of magic and wonder and who knows, you might even find a leprechaun’s Crock o’ Gold at the end of a rainbow?

The Drunken Sailors

This is a unique interactive musical circus experience. With over 40 years combined experience in performing, Shannon, Mark and Felicity create their own world on their self-contained stage/boat/tricycle. Experience them roving around the site in a show full of sea shanties, circus, theatre and fun.

Bella the Bookworm

Bella the bookworm loves to tell stories and share her love of literature.  Children are encouraged to use their imaginations as Bella reads from her favourite books. Bella has a magical library bag full of tales just waiting to burst into life. Once upon a time Bella was a librarian who loved reading books in libraries, now she has taken to the road and shares her magical library bag on a spotty magic carpet where ever and whenever she can!  

Eric Purdie Glasgow Comedian and Storyteller

Delivered in a 'stand-up' Glasgow style, Eric Purdie's comedy presentation features humorous stories and anecdotes about life in Glasgow and the humour of the streets. His outrageous gags and unaccompanied songs provide a window into a culture few of us have seen. Eric's stories tell of an Industrial Scotland and the Socialist Struggle in which he grew up. Eric describes life in the shipyards and on the building sites where he encountered many characters and witnessed many improbable but true sets of circumstances