Air Iomall

From Scottish duo Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach, and Filmmaker Hamish MacLeod, Air Iomall (Scottish gaelic for “On the Edge”) is a film and suite of new music, inspired by now uninhabited islands deep in the North Atlantic- some of Scotland’s most remote, and remarkable places. Travelled aboard the Dutch tall ship Wylde Swan, the duo visited and wrote music inspired by the histories, people, and landscapes of these mysterious, wild places. The film documents the duo on this once in a lifetime experience, providing a visually stunning, sensitive insight in to these under-documented and enigmatic landscapes. It culminates with a concert of their new music on St Kilda- the most remote part of the UK, on the 88th anniversary of the evacuation of its native population. Accompanying the film, is the duo’s release of a studio album of the same title, which features their live performance on St Kilda in its entirety.The project was supported by Help Musicians UK and Creative Scotland. 

James Lawson

Tiny Plays for a Big Country – Using texts from Tiny Plays for a Big Country (Play for Australia Project by Vessel) and Tiny Plays for Ireland (Fishamble Theatre Dublin) as a stimulus, you are invited to write your own tiny play using a simple and tight structure. Vessel has delivered projects & writing workshops for all ages at Arts Centre Melbourne, in Port Fairy, Yinnar, Kyabram, Swan Hill & even Beijing! Join in to add your voice to an exploration of our identity – Celtic & otherwise !

Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club

A high energy collective with musical influences as diverse as its membership, the MSFC plays everything from reels that leave you reeling, to airs that have your heart singing. Featuring music from traditions including (but not limited to) Scotland, Canada and Scandinavia, they embrace the fun of fiddling, culminating in their new album, Sea to Sky.

National Highland Cattle Show


For centuries the Highland breed lived in the rugged remote Scottish Highlands. The extremely harsh conditions that prevailed created a process of natural selection, where only the fittest and most adaptable animals survived to carry on the breed. The Australian Highland Cattle Society, in conjunction with the National Celtic Festival, will be hosting the National Highland Cattle Show on Sunday the 9th of June. This will include 60 cows and calves on site, judged by an international adjudicator from Scotland.  

Victorian Pipers Association

Pipers from the Victorian Pipers Association will delve into four seminal works, performing a sample of the most moving pieces you’ll hear - The Golden Age of Piping.

Piobaireachd - Gaelic for piping and sometimes called the ‘Classical Music’ of the Great Highland Bagpipe. This program explores Piobaireachd composed by the legendary MacCrimmon family of Skye. Spanning 300 years they were the hereditary pipers to the MacLeods of Dunvegan, composing some of the most beautiful and emotive music for bagpipes ever conceived, giving rise to a Golden Age of Piping. Their tradition developed the instrument like never before and lifted it to portray haunting themes and complex variations as they sought a vehicle for the expression of their tribulations and joys, sorrow and anguish.

National Celtic Festival Piping Challenge Recognising the influence of legendary Scottish piper Gordon Duncan, we’ve invited 4 of Australia’s premier solo pipers to compete in a 15-minute piping challenge playing tunes written by Gordon, to win the 2019 National Celtic Festival Piping Challenge. Fingers flying, music flowing, this is Australia’s piping at its best.

Colin Lillie

After introducing you to Colin Lillie in 2018, you have asked us to bring him back … Scottish-born, Alice Springs-based Colin Lillie is one of a kind. Capturing the kind of intensity that Colin has on an album or a live performance is something that every musician aspires to create. Whether it’s because of past experiences, a knack for songwriting, his powerful voice or combination of things, what remains true is that every time Colin Lillie picks up a guitar and opens his mouth something special happens, the passion shines through and the music becomes real.

Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach (SCT)

Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach make music on the piano and fiddle. They are Scottish folk musicians, interested in making music filled with spontaneity, sensitivity and freedom.

Inspiration comes from their pasts and surroundings, feeding music that’s rooted in tradition, whilst stretching it’s possibilities through improvisation and imagination.

Following the release of their debut album Waves Rise from Quiet Water, the duo reached the finals of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, and FATEA Magazine’s Instrumental Album of the Year Award.
Notable performances include a live BBC Radio 2 broadcast from the Royal Albert Hall, Cambridge Folk Festival, and Festival Interceltique de Lorient, as well as making music for theatre in Findhorn Bay Festival’s original production “The Buke of the Howlat”.

2019 sees the release of Air Iomall- a film and suite of new music, inspired by a voyage aboard the tall ship Wylde Swan to some now uninhabited islands deep in the North Atlantic, some of Scotland’s most remote, and remarkable places. The film is centered around the first performance of this new music on St Kilda- the most remote part of the UK, on the 88th anniversary of the evacuation of its native population.