The Festival Office is located behind Parks Hall.

Here you can exchange your pre-purchased ticket for a festival wristband. Tickets can also be purchased here over the weekend, unless sold out.

Performer registration and guest tickets are also located in this area.

Festival Office Operating hours:

Friday           5:00pmโ€“10:00pm

Sat / Sun 9:00amโ€“10:00pm

Mon        9:00amโ€“2:30pm


Your ticket will be exchanged for a festival wristband. Your wristband gives you entry to all festival venues and must be worn at all times. Without your wristband you will not be able to enter any of the festival venues.

Do not remove or tamper with your wristband. Your wristband is not transferable to another person. When entering a venue, you must show your wristband to the volunteer at the door.

Tickets for Drinks

Donโ€™t forget the first step in getting a drink at the festival is to visit one of the Bar Ticket Booths in the Celtic Club or Wine Bar. Here you can purchase your drink tickets, then head to the bar to exchange your tickets for drinks. This will speed things along at the bar and before you know it you will have a drink in your hand. The Bar Tickets can also be used at the Village Stage Bar. We also have an extensive list of ways that weโ€™re moving TOWARDS ZERO WASTE, including re-usable cups that are for purchase. Please see our TOWARDS ZERO WASTE page for more info.

The Village Stage will be the only venue offering counter sales , catering for non-ticketed patrons.


Merchandise and performer CDs can be purchased near the Festival and Information Office.  We will be selling t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, scarves, and stubby holders.

We also have two festival CDs for sale; one featuring a great collection from our international artists, the other, our favourite tracks from the festivalโ€™s national artists.


The Village Stage is a non-ticketed area and is the place to go if you want to enjoy a โ€˜tasteโ€™ of the festival. Ticketed patrons are welcome, and we invite non-ticketed patrons to drop a gold coin into our tins, and we will give you a Celtic sticker on entry. Around lunchtime a bar will be operating in the Village Stage where you can enjoy a glass of local wine, as well as other beverages. A perfect way to enjoy an afternoon of Celtic tunes. Alcohol purchased must be consumed within the venue. The hours of this venue for will be open from 10am-9pm.


Festival venues have wheelchair access with the exception of Upstairs at the Grand Hotel. Disabled parking is available on the street outside venues. Disabled toilets are located in Parks Hall.


There are EFTPOS machines located in our festival office and bars - also at Portarlingtonโ€™s Bendigo Community Bank, Woolworths Supermarket on Brown St, the Portarlington Golf Club, as well as the Petrol Station in Portarlington, 241โ€“249 Tower Rd.


Wander around the The Folk Market and enjoy the many stalls selling all kinds of interesting goods and crafts, as wells as a variety of delicious food to sustain even the hungriest festival reveller. 

Our resident Vikings โ€“ the New Varangian Guard โ€“ have settled in for the weekend, so drop in and say hello!

You will also find the Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms, they will be in competition, displaying their swordsmanship โ€“ so watch out!