Fèis Rois
& National Celtic Festival

Fèis is the Scottish Gaelic word for ‘Festival’ and Rois translates as ‘Ross’. Ross-Shire is the area of Scotland where the organisation is based. Fèis Rois is renowned for providing high quality education opportunities for young people to gain skills in traditional Scottish musical instruments, including fiddle, bagpipes, harp and accordion, as well as the Gaelic language.

The National Celtic Festival and Fèis Rois have been collaborating over six year years .

This year we are thrilled to announce that DUNCAN CHISHOLM one of Scotland’s most recognised and accomplished fiddle players and composers will lead our project- KIN and the Community.

The Kin and the Community project aims to connect young people very deeply to their local cultural heritage by exploring archive material, which then inspires a new film with original sound track.

Fèis Rois returns in 2019.


Fèis Rois to strengthen partnership with National Celtic Festival, Australia

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