kids fest

Something for everyone!

The wonderful thing about Celtic music and culture is it transcends age and can be enjoyed by everyone from the very young to the young at heart. The festival includes quality children’s entertainment; a workshop program just for kids; and all the fun of the family-friendly Ceili dance party.


A Celtic Trail of Tales

Now there’s a tongue twister for you and if you are clever enough to repeat that 6 times, you will surely and easily be able to follow the exciting journey waiting for you among the hills and hummocks of the Portarlington Celtic Festival Fairyland.

There are all sorts of fairies, goblin and leprechaun stories awaiting all of you during this fascinating journey and maybe even some of the little people themselves!

There are tales of monsters, magic harps, fairies, enchanted woods and many,many wee people and stories of magic that must be heard to be believed.

The stories will capture your imagination and take to legendary lands and places where you can relive wonderful tales of yore and make believe.

It will be just a short, but worthwhile journey with fascinating places to stop and listen to the ‘Shanachie’ or Storytellers telling tales of magic and wonder and who knows, you might even find a leprechaun’s Crock o’ Gold at the end of a rainbow?

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Demonstration and Display

We welcome back the Vikings to Portarlington – Victorian branch of the New Varangian Guard, based in Geelong. This group portrays Irish Vikings from over 1000 years ago. Make sure you visit them in front of The Club Room. They will be displaying their craftsmanship over the weekend.

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The Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms (GLECA) will be hosting a National Longsword and Backsword tournament over the Saturday and Sunday culminating with the teamed pair competition, which will see some of the best swordsmen in the country take the field.