Not just a great music festival, but a great festival of Pipes and Drums …

The National Celtic Festival hosts a full program of piping and drumming across the long weekend. Don’t miss out on a great line up of piping and drumming themed concerts, masterclasses, workshops for all levels, piping competitions, DrumWorx spectacular and pipe band displays – all part of the unique, National Celtic Festival experience.


Get up close and personal with some of the many varied Celtic pipes!

Come and Try Workshop: full of information and explanations about the all sorts of Celtic pipes including Irish pipes, Highland bagpipes and the Scottish small pipes. There will also be opportunities to try the chanter and learn about the instrument, it’s music, and for those interested, where to learn some more.

Drumming Mad: Another festival highlight where DrumWorx members conduct a Come and Try Workshop that has the beginner playing simple rudiments in no time! We also cater for the established players too.



In Conjunction with Victorian Pipers Association

This competition features an extraordinary line up of pipers who are the at the top of their piping game. This will be an absolute must see for festival goers. Pipers select their own choice of tunes up to 15-18 minutes. The performance is judged by 5 adjudicators who select one winner.



A National Celtic Festival original! These talented drummers and their drumsticks will again feature at the festival demonstrating their mastery and capacity to entertain. Amongst the line up are players of international experience of the highest level, including a past world champion.

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Piobaireachd is the Gaelic word, which literally means “piping” or “act of piping.” The concert will incorporate singing, story-telling and top-notching playing,  joined by a number of other accomplished pipers.

Piobaireachd is the Gaelic word, which literally means “piping” or “act of piping.”