There’s growing public awareness that our busy lifestyles and consumer choices are generating way too much waste, especially packaging and single use plastics. We have come to depend on plastic but now we’re drowning in it!  

Worldwide we are ranked fifth highest for generation of municipal waste.  We all need to assume responsibility for our actions and to protect our precious natural environment.

National Celtic Festival has partnered with Geelong Sustainability, Bellarine Bayside, Caring for Our Bays and The Farmer’s Place to implement a range of waste minimisation and resource recovery strategies.  Over coming years, we hope that every household and event will transition towards zero waste.


HOW YOU CAN HELP protect our foreshore and natural environment

  • BYO refillable water bottle or purchase a stainless steel bottle at our stand

  • BYO coffee mug or borrow one from our mug library or purchase a Keep Cup

  • Utilise the washable plates and cutlery provided

  • Return washable items to the wash station - scrape food waste into black tub and rinse items

  • Recycle correctly in the bins provided and please don’t litter

  • Chat with our green team volunteers

  • Visit the GS stand to see partner displays, play our recycling game or to discuss any environmental issues.

Your choices make a real difference!