Face of the Festival

The title Face of the Festival is awarded each year to a person that has taken on the spirit of our festival and gone out of their way to promote the National Celtic Festival.

This person is like an ambassador for the festival and chosen and announced by the festival committee, at the end of the current years festival. They are often blessed with an infectious passion for Celtic culture!

The Face of the Festival 2017:

Anna Lake

This year’s Face of the Festival is Anna Lake. Anna represents the work ethic that constantly strives for the 'best festival yet'. Since her days as an event student, Anna has grown with the National Celtic Festival to become an invaluable team member who brings enthusiasm, passion and life to the festival! Anna’s face will be seen across many areas of the festival – mainly behind the scenes though as she is not accustomed to taking centre stage ….  Nevertheless Anna represents the volunteers and crew who work tirelessly behind the scenes, these are the stars of the show for us!



  • 2016 Douglas Clan – Colleen, Clarissa and Tenisha
  • 2015 Mark Butler
  • 2014 Cathy Blake and her Clan
  • 2013 Jack Wilson
  • 2011 Mary McEvilly
  • 2012 Geoff Jones and Pete Moir – Pipes and Drums
  • 2011 Catherine Fraser
  • 2010 Pria Schwall-Kearney
  • 2009 Maria Forde
  • 2008 Jimmy Moore
  • 2007 William Hutton
  • 2006 Claire Schultz
  • 2005  Fionnula Callahan